Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest reason for our competitive pricing is that for 12 years we have managed to keep our overhead expenses low. If you were to tour our manufacturing shop, it would not be a very long tour. Not only is the shop itself not very big, we only use a handful of employees who work a normal Monday-Friday shift and who craft most of their work by hand. Amazingly, we are also beating much of the competition with 6-8 weeks lead time vs. their 10-12 weeks average lead time. The goal of course is always to keep growing, but we really do enjoy beating prices and it will always be our aim to do so.

We designed our systems to use Centor® hardware. They have been the leader in the folding door industry for many years and we see no reason to reinvent the wheel, yet. 

Bonus fact: Much of our competition includes the same Centor® hardware.

Fiberglass panels are produced using molds for the interior and exterior skins as well the sticking. For most of the fiberglass components, it is essentially one piece. It requires special tooling to produce these molds. Simply put, the expense would be astronomical, as well as time consuming. Because our fiberglass panels come in standard sizes and are essentially “ready-made”, they naturally have the quickest lead times to produce on average.

These do not come painted at all, leaving you the option and freedom to paint it whatever color you desire.

Aluminum Clad
White, clay, or dark bronze powder coat – AAMA 2604 approved

Bronze anodized or clear anodized

Note: In most situations, we can color match to existing windows or doors.

Honestly, we have come to conclusion that we offer too many choices in this area and we are looking into reducing the choices to what is most common. For now, you can take advantage of 8”, 6-9/16”, and 4-9/16”. Our all aluminum option is measured at 4-1/2”

This is our most popular choice because it offers maximum protection in terms of water and air infiltration because of its raised dam. Additional stop can be added with another layer of weatherstrip protection. It also features weep holes that run through the nose and into the track, allowing water to escape freely.

Offers the same protection as above but without a dam or stop. This also allows for inswing applications.

Similar to the lowerise sill but without the weep holes and meets all requirements for the American Disability Association.

Mostly used for interior applications or areas with complete overhang coverage, a flush-track is simply a track that is recessed into your flooring and provides a seamless transition to one side of your system to the next.

All systems will lock at the top and bottom and at different segments of the system. The amount of locks depends on how many panels are included with your system. For units that have a daily use door, a multi-point lock with a lever-set is included and can be key locked with a deadbolt for security.

Yes, they include the Allegro, Torino, and Venice series and they come in many different colors. Most customers order them in either Satin Chrome or Dark Bronze to match their folding door hardware. Please visit our hardware section for more information.

6 weeks for standard wood or fiberglass panel systems

8-10 weeks for everything else. Custom colors could take longer.

We are based in Houston Texas and shipping depends on distance from our base of operations as well as the size of what is being shipped. However, this is calculated into the initial quote.

We are always looking for better and more efficient ways of shipping, but right now we are comfortable using a combination of dimensional lumber and heavy plywood to completely encase the finished product. For wood products, we add an extra layer of water proof foaming. You never know when a system might be loaded onto a freight trailer that has a leaking roof. Yes, we did learn the hard way.